Natural/Original Slate Benefits

Are you looking for a roofing material that offers an upscale look for your home or business? Consider the many advantages of slate.

Used by roofers for generations, slate tile is made of stone and formed into uniform pieces—making it not only sturdy, but naturally beautiful, as well.

While slate roofing tends to be expensive on the front end, it’s an enduring way to enhance the architectural look of any building. And your slate roof can last a century or more—making it a lasting investment that requires little maintenance.

Slate roofing is an art. Your expert roofer will lay individual tiles on the roof pitch, blending colors and sizes to create a look of distinction. When your roof is complete, it will be naturally water repellent, fireproof and highly resistant to the elements.

Why Slate Roofing?

  • Long Lasting and Durable
    • It is not uncommon for a slate roof to last for 100-150 years or more!
    • Resistant to mold and fungus
    • Extremely fire resistant - pieces of slate will not burn
  • Unmatched Beauty
    • Known as one of the most elegant looking roofing materials
    • Used on castles and cathedrals so it must be beautiful!
    • Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and thicknesses
  • Think Green With Slate
    • Slate roofs outlast other roofing materials by 3 times or more which produces less waste for the environment
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Ready to explore the world of slate? We invite you to schedule slate installation or repair estimate online or by calling 609-712-8157. Slate is heavy, so it’s important to have your home professionally assessed before making a final roofing material selection.

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  • evaluate your home’s structure to determine if it requires additional support for slate installation, and
  • go over color, style and design options.

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Mark and Susie, Hillsbrough, NJ

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